Adobe Photoshop Tutorials

Bling Diamond Text

We are going to create a diamond bling bling text like this:


Step 1

Open a new RGB document (I made it 600*200px) and type your text, I used Arial Black.

Hold down CTRL and click the layer's label to select the text's shape.

Now goto Filter --> Render --> Clouds and confirm the raterization of the text.

It will look like this now:

Step 2

Click Filter --> Distort --> Glass

Use these settings to create the diamond pattern:

Step 3

Now go to the layer's blending options and set Bevel and Emboss like shown below.

This is the intermediate result:

Step 4

If you want to create some highlights, dye the background black.

Choose the brush tool and select the star brush.

Put some highlights where you want them to be and you'll end up with a diamond text like this: