Adobe Photoshop Tutorials

Text with circular Explosion Background

Step 1

Create a new document.

Type your text and center it. White on Black.


Step 2

Use Filter --> Distort --> Polar Coordinates and choose Polar to Rectangular.

Merge the text layer with the white background (CTRL-E)

Step 3

Apply Filter --> Stylize --> Wind.

Twice from the right and twice from the left.


Step 4

Rotate the canvas by 90 counter clockwise (Image --> Rotate Canvas --> 90 CCW)

Apply Wind two times again.


Step 5

Rotate the canvas back.

Use Polar Coordinates again (Rectangular to Polar this time)

Step 5

Create an adjustment layer.

Layer --> New Adjustment Layer --> Hue/Satuaration

Hit CTRL-U and choose a red.

Duplicate the adjustment layer and choose a yellow for the new adjutment layer.

Set it's Blend Mode to Color Dodge.

You're done!