Adobe Photoshop Tutorials

Colorful 3D text

In this tutorial you will learn how to create this colorful 3D text effect:

Step 1

Create a blank document, size depends on the size of your text.

Type your text with every new letter on a new layer.

This is what your layer paletter should look like:

Step 2

Give your text some color and align it to your liking.

The colors that are used here are:





Step 3

Hit CTRL+T at every layer and rotate the letters a bit so it looks something like this:

Step 4

Right click your first text layer and choose Rasterize.

Select your 2d text layer and hit CTRL-E to merge it into the first layer.

Repeat until you only have one text layer (+background) left.

Now add a gradient for the background.

Step 5

With your text layer selected hold down ALT and press down and then left about 4 or 5 times.

It'll look like this now:


Step 6

This is your layers palette right now:

Again, merge down until you are left with only two text layers:

Move your original text layer to the top:

Step 7

Select your copy text layer, hit CTRL-U and set it to something like this:

Merge the two text layers.

Apply this Drop Shadow to your text layer:

That's it, there's your colorful 3D text: