Adobe Photoshop Tutorials

Sand Dune

Step 1

Open a new RGB document (I made it 300*300px) and set the back and foreground colors to something like this:


Step 2

Let's start creating the dune.

Select the gradient tool and create a gradient like this:

Step 3

Go to Filter --> Distort --> Wave and play around with settings similar to those in the picture below until you are satisfied with the outcome.

This is what you might get:

Step 4

The next filter you have to apply is Filter --> Distort --> Shear

Drag the dots until you get a line that looks similar to this:

Step 5

You're almost done..

Create a new layer, fill it with white and apply Filter --> Noise --> Add Noise with these settings:

Set Blend Mode of this layer to Lighten and set Opacity to 10%

That's it, there's your sand dune!