Adobe Photoshop Tutorials

Electric Ice Text

We are going to create this electric ice text:


Step 1

Open a new RGB document (I made it 300*200px) and type your text in white on a black background. Rasterize the text layer.

Step 2

Select your text layer (CTRL + click on layer icon).

Inverse the selection (Shift + CTRL + I).

Fill the selection with black (Shift + F5).

Hit CTRL + D to deselect.

Now use the magic wand tool to select all letters of our text (hold down Shift).

Use Filter --> Blur --> Gaussian Blur with a radius of 3.

Step 3

Apply Filter --> Stylize --> Solarize

Apply Auto Levels (Shift + CTRL + L) to make it look better

It should look something like this now:

Hit CTRL + D to deselect.

Step 4

Use Filter --> Stylize --> Wind from the left.

Rotate Canvas bei 90 degree (Image --> Rotate Canvas) and do it again (CTRL - F)

Repeat until you applied wind in all 4 possible positions and the canvas is rotated back to normal position.

Now use Filter --> Stylize --> Glowing Edges with these settings:

It should look like this now:


Step 5

Last step

Hit CTRL-U to bring up the Hue / Saturation box and choose a color similar to this:


This is about what you will get: