Adobe Photoshop Tutorials

Fire Text

We are going to create a fire effect like this:

Step 1

Create new RGB document and type your text in white on a black background.

Use Filter --> Stylize --> Wind with these settings:

Click Image --> Rotate Canvas --> 90 degree CW, hit CTRL F to apply the Wind filter again.

Rotate and repeat another time.

Repeat another time and hit CTRL F two times this time.

Rotate back to original position, it will look like this now:

Step 2

Click Filter --> Blur --> Gaussian Blur

Set it to Radius 0.3 pixels and hit OK

Step 3

You are going to apply the Ripple filter now. ( Filter --> Distort --> Ripple..)

Amount 100%

Size Medium


This is what you will get:

Step 4

Click Image --> Mode --> Grayscale and confirm the Flatten dialogue

Click Image --> Mode --> Indexed Color

Click Image --> Mode --> Color Table.. and choose Black Body

There you go, done!