Adobe Photoshop Tutorials

Abstract Green Slime

We will create a green transparent Slime texture like in the pic below. Use it for sig backgrounds, website backgrounds, whatever..!

Step 1

Create a blank document of your desired size, the example is 400x400px.

Hit D to set your colors to standard

Click Filter --> Render --> Clouds

Step 2

Grab the paintbucket tool, make sure the color is set to black and stat clicking around in your image until it looks something like this:

Step 3

Now you need to apply the Chrome Filter. ( Filter --> Sketch --> Chrome)

Set Detail to 0 and Smoothness to 10.


Step 4

Alright, now for the green slime color hit CTRL+B and set it to this:

Once again!

And one last time!


There you go! Green Slime ... eeeek