Adobe Photoshop Tutorials

Happy Dots Text


We are going to create a Text like this:

Step 1

Alright, we need to create a new brush for this effect.

Select the brush tool and then go to the Brushes panel.

Set Diameter to 6px (or more for larger dots).

Spacing has to be set to something like 150% to create separate dots.

Step 2

Continue to Scattering and set Scatter to something like 50% .. that will make some points break the ranks.


Step 3

Next up we add some Color Dynamics.

Use these or similar settings:



Step 4

Save the brush by clicking on the "Create new Brush" Icon.

Give it a desciptive name.

Step 5

We are going to apply the brush now.

Open a new document and type your text.

Hold down CTRL and click on the layer to create a selection of it's shape.

Now go to the Paths tab and click "Make work path from selection".

Create a new layer, go to Paths again and click "Stroke path with brush".

That's it... omg the text makes me happy