Adobe Photoshop Tutorials

Liquid Gold Text

We are going to create a liquid gold text like this:

Step 1

Open a new RGB document (I made it 300*200px) and type your text black on white.

Hold down CTRL and click the layer's label to select the text's shape and save it as channel. (Select --> Save Selection..)

Step 2

Click Filter --> Distort --> Ocean Ripple

Set it to something like this:

Step 3

Use Filter --> Blur --> Gaussian Blur with a radius of 1.


Step 4

Go to Image --> Adjustments --> Brightness/Contrast

Apply these settings:

The channel will look like this now:

Step 5

Go back to layers.

Create a new layer and fill it with white.

Apply Filter --> Render --> Lighting Effects:


This is about what you will get:

Step 6

Load the selection of the alpha channel you created and inverse it (Select --> Inverse) and hit delete to delete the surrounding pixels.

Hit CTRL-M to open the curves dialogue and create this curve:

Step 7

Use CTRL-U and choose a golden color.

And finally apply this Contour Style to your text:

Delete your original text layer.

Here we go, it should look like this now: