Adobe Photoshop Tutorials

Text with a Mosaic Background

We are going to create mosaic background for your text like this:

Step 1

Create a new document. Make it large enough for your text, i made it 300x200 pixel.

Type your text in a color of your choice.

Step 2

Now duplicate your text layer, set the copy's visibility to invisible and select the original text layer.

Use Filter --> Pixelate --> Mosaic

I chose to make the cell size 19 square, you might want to make them bigger or smaller.

Step 3

Apply Filter --> Sharpen --> Sharpen Edges a few times (3-5)

You will get something like this:

Step 4

Make your duplicated text layer visible again.

Color the text white.

Right click the layer --> Blending options

Apply these settings for stroke (use your original text color):

You're done, you should end up with an image similar to this: