Adobe Photoshop Tutorials

Mosaic displaced Text Effect

Step 1

Open a new document, I made it 400*400px.

Use Filter --> Render --> Clouds.

Then use Filter --> Pixalate --> Mosaic and use settings similar to this:

Now go to Image --> Adjustments --> Auto Levels.

This is about what you will get:



Save this image as a .psd

Hide the layer.

Step 2

Make a copy of your mosaic background layer, go to the original background, fill it with white and type your text in it:

Merge the text layer with the white background (CTRL-E)

Step 3

Apply Filter --> Distort --> Displace..

Horizontal and Vertical Scale = 50

From the file menu that comes up chosse your mosaic image you saved in Step 1.

Step 4

Un-Hide the mosaic layer.

Go to Blend Mode and choose Multiply.


Step 5

Create a copy of the mosaic layer.

Select that layer, apply Filter --> Stylize --> Find Edges.

Merge all layers.

It will look something like this now:


Hit CTRL-U and pick a color for your mosaic (don't forget to check the Colorize-Checkbox):