Adobe Photoshop Tutorials

Neon Advertisement Text

Learn how to create a Neon Advertisement Text like this:

Step 1

Create a blank document, size depends on the size of your text, I made it 300*300px.

Set background to black.

Add your text in white. The font that is used here is called Exmouth, you can get it at

Step 2

Create a copy of your text layer and switch to that copied layer.

Rasterize this layer.

Go to Edit --> Stroke and apply these settings:

The blue is hex 0299fd.

Step 3

Go to the layer's blending options and apply these values for Outer Glow:

(the blue is hex 0165c9)

It will look like this now:

Step 4

Place the original text layer above your copy's layer and set it's blending mode to Overlay.