Adobe Photoshop Tutorials

Pink Plush text

This tutorial will teach you how to create this cute pink plush effect for your text:


Step 1

Start out by creating a blank document, size depends on the size of your text, I made it 300*200px. Type your text, preferably in a bold font.

Step 2

Click your text layer's icon while holding down shift to select it.

Create a new layer.

Turn visibility for your text layer off.

Now select brush no. 112

Set the diameter to something like 30

Set Opacity too 100 percent and Angle Jitter to 100 percent too:


pick any two colors for your foreground and background color, it doesn't matter as we are going to change it anyways.

Fill the text's shape with brush strokes like this:

Step 3

Now hit CTRL-D to deselect.. zoom into your image and start drawing on the edges of your text. You should reduce the brushs' diameter for this.

Step 4

Now just pick a color for your text (CTRL-U).

...and you're done!