Adobe Photoshop Tutorials

Smooth Silk Texture

Step 1

Create a blank document (i made it 300*300px), black foreground, white background.

You are going to use the Gradient Tool now.

Set Mode to Difference.

Now draw 5-10 short lines into the images until it looks something like this.

You might want to experiment with this step as it greatly influences your final result.

Step 2

Now apply Filter --> BLur --> Gaussian Blur.

Use a radius of 4.0 - 5.0

Step 3

One more filter:

Filter --> Stylize --> Find Edges.


Step 4

Nou you need to adjust the levels

Go to Image --> Adjustments --> Levels.. (or just hit CTRL-L)

Adjust the levels like this:

Step 5

In the last step you choose the Hue/Satuaration (CTRL-U).

I chose these values:

You're done.. smooth!