Adobe Photoshop Tutorials

Spiky Text

Step 1

Create a blank document, I made it 400*100px, you might want to make it larger.

Black background. White foreground.

Choose a nice font (not too thin) and write type your text.

Step 2

Hold down CTRL and click on the textlayer's icon to select your text and then apply Filter --> Render --> Clouds

Hit CTRL-D to deselect the text.

Step 3

Hit CTRL-E to merge down the layers.

Step 4

You're going to use Extrude now (Filter --> Stylize --> Extrude..)

I used these setting:

Play with the settings until you are satisfied with the spikes.

Step 5

Almost done!

Hit CTRL-U to dye the spikes.

That's it. Depending on your choices for Extrude and the color, the result will look something like this: