Adobe Photoshop Tutorials

Text on a spinning Background

Step 1

Create a blank document, size depends on the size of your text, I made it 300*300px.

Black background. White foreground.

Type your text.

Step 2

Duplicate your text layer.

Use Filter --> Distort --> Polar Coordinates..

Select Polar to Rectangular.

That's about what you should get:


Step 3

Turn the cancas by 90 clockwise (Image --> Rotate Canvas --> 90 CW)

Step 4

Now you are going to apply the wind filter

Filter --> Stylize --> Wind..

Use it once from the right and once from the left .

Turn the cancas by 90 UNclockwise (Image --> Rotate Canvas --> 90 UCW) and use wind again, once from the left and once from the right:


Step 5

Use Polar Coordinates again.

Rectangular to Polar.

That's what it should look like:

Step 6

Merge down the layers (CTRL-E) and choose a color for your effect (CTRL-U).